Liv Hill’s incredible performance as young carer Sarah, together with an unexpected political commentary, make this one of the best films of the year.

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In the past, I’ve been underwhelmed by much of the horror genre. Whilst I love The Shinning and the modern horror masterpiece The Badadook, such classics like Don’t Look Now and recent critical successes, see Under the Shadow,  have left me wanting more in terms of ‘the scare department’. Whilst I admire the satirical edge of last years hit Get […]

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American Vandal

A spoof true crime documentary into the explosion of a teenage prankster for spray painting twenty-seven penises on twenty-seven of his teachers cars might sound like a strange premise for a programme. American Vandal can be easily mistaken for ‘immature’ teen humour; there’s an entire episode focused on whether a hand job did or did not […]

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Does “Insatiable” expose Netflix’s problem with insensitivity?

There’s a familiar trend forming: Netflix releases the trailer for new content that deals with sensitive subject matter and the internet takes up arms against it before even seeing a single episode. The most recent example, Insatiable, in which the central character turns from being a depressed, bullied obese teen into a beauty pageant winning bombshell, landed […]

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The Greatest Show?

At the time of writing The Greatest Showman has taken $432, 611, 786 worldwide and just had it’s first week since release not in the UK box office top ten, this being most likely down to the DVD release of the film that came out in the same week. Hated by critics, but adored by audiences, The […]

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Three suited figures surround a clueless woman, who sits on a chair beside a glass table. She’s dressed in white, like the three men who watch, except, they’re wearing white anorak-like suits, with visors covering their faces. There’s a suggestion that they need to be protected from her, that she will cause them harm in […]

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This Country

“See this house here?”, begins the first episode in series two of “This Country”, as Kerry welcomes us back,  “The bloke that used to live in there, right, kept hearing strange noises coming out of the attic at night. And he goes to the fridge, and food was missing from the fridge, so he thought […]

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