The Best of 2017

I’ve whittled it down from a shortlist of fifteen, messed around with the order and here it is: my favourite films of 2017. I am allowing any film released in UK cinemas in 2017. 1. The Levelling Hope Dickson-Leach’s directorial debut is a melancholic piece of beauty. It’s grown on me: getting under my skin […]

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Laid in America

The title I have just written makes me weep with sadness. “Laid in America” makes the “Fast and Furious” franchise look like “Citizen Kane”. A friend bought me this DVD. I hope it was a joke, because if it wasn’t and he seriously thought I would like this pile of rubbish, then someone needs to […]

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The End of the F***ing World

Based on the novel by Charles Forsman, and stemming from a 2014 pilot starring Craig Roberts (of Richard Ayoade’s Submarine) and Jessica Barden. This Channel Four and Netflix co-production is a definite unlikely gem. Currently being broadcast in a late-night C4 slot, hopefully The End of the F***ing World will find more of a following when it […]

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Son of Saul

The 2016 Oscar winner is a hard watch, but as holocaust dramas go this is the most inventive and original of yet. Son of Saul is remarkably similar in style to a Ken Loach film, it most certainly takes a very different take on the genre than classics such as Schindlers list, and in some ways executes areas […]

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Mulholland Drive

David Lynch’s 2001 classic still seems as original, unique and mind-bendingly confusing today, as it would have sixteen years ago. It is a great testament that none other has come close to matching what makes Mulholland Drive the film it is: to match in terms of ascetic, quality or tone. Lynch has created a timeless masterpiece, […]

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The Levelling

Set in the aftermath of severe flooding, Hope Dickson Leach’s debut feature, The Levelling, reeks of melancholia. As Clover returns home to her family farm, her father is surprised, and somewhat dismayed, to see her. Feeling she has been pushed away by her father, Clover tires to reconnect with him: desperately seeking to heal their estranged […]

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The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse

It was with trepidation that I began to watch The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse. After loving everything the “League of Gentlemen” have created in the past, I dreaded the sound of unfunny jokes and the awkward silence when a gag falls flat. This being the precedent for so many other big screen adaptions of successful comedy programmes. Having […]

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